What will happen if the payout can’t be completed due to lacking ID verification?

I just realized that Binance now doesn’t let you make deposits without ID verification, and am just off the 0.1 ETH threshold for payouts. Should I pause the miner so it doesn’t just throw it away? Or will it withhold it until it can make the transfer? It’s a bit worrying too because of course ETH will be going POS soon and if I’m not verified by then I guess I’ll just be screwed as I won’t be able to mine the remaining ETH to hit 0.1.

If any amount is transfered or recived to your binance account it will stay there until you withdraw, meaning it will just stay in your account waiting for verification. No Worries

but they changed the rules so that it doesn’t allow deposits to unverified accounts now. i’m not sure the transfer will work. when i go to the deposit page on my binance wallet it won’t even show me my ETH wallet address anymore, it’s greyed out. the transfer from hiveos to binance counts as a ‘deposit’ does it not?