Why " sw power cap" is active?

I have 2 3080ti and I cant get more than 82~83 . I check nvidia-smi -q -d PERFORMANCE and I see my SW power Cap is active. what the reason ? and how can I deactive it?

also my performance state is P2 how can I change it to P1?

Do you have Power Limit entered as in this “305”?

Hi Grea
yes I have Power limit, of course its almost high, I put it based on others setups, “350”

That high really won’t matter, have you tried to removed it to see if that “power cap” goes away?

I make power limit 300 and remove it but no difference.

Having the same problem on RTX3090 MSI VENTUS 3x OC card…

SW Power Cap = Active

Cards won’t accept any PL settings given to them, no matter what I try.
Try some OC settings, does not change anything.

How can SW Power Cap be removed/disabled permanently on noted card?

Note, running Nvidia driver 495.44