WiFi router does not connect with the hive


Hi. My Rig is online and working good but I cant connect with interface the.hiveos.farm from my home wifi (Server is not responding).
When I switch internet connection on mobile network on the same device then I can SignIn on my Rig.
When I use home wifi I have access only by internal IP.
I talked with provider of internet and they dont see any problem.


send your external ip to bee@hiveos.farm to check presence in ban-list


Thx I will do that. Now when I log in I get this information: 403 Forbidden.


If your router does not connect with the hive then you need to reset your router so that it can work properly. If after resetting it does not work then you have to switch your router with Linksys router to enjoy the high-speed internet connectivity. If you are new to this router and you cannot access it then you need to visit this link Linksys Router Access to know how you can get access with this router.