Will Hiveon add RVN to its pool?

ETH mining will come to a close one day. When that day happens, I’d like to mine RVN from Hiveon similar to how I mine ETH from Hiveon. Does the Hiveon Pool have plans to add more coins, or at least, scrape a little off the top when we use other pools – similar to how Hiveon ASIC allows other pools?

At least RVN on short-list exactly


That’s good to hear. I am sure that the Hiveon team is well aware of several GPU-mineable coins that Hiveon Pool should offer without involving other pools. I have a fleet of machines that are tied to HiveOS, and I really don’t want to pull the SSD cards from each of them in order to put a new OS on them, e.g., NHoS, RaveOS, etc. I’ve grown attached to HiveOS, I like HiveOS, and I know my way around HiveOS. I’m looking forward to see what the team has in store well before ETH mining closes.