With 0.6-20@190225 the overclock on Vega is not working


Since 0.6-20@190225 my Vega rig is not mining after reboot when overclocking is active …


screenshots of configs gives better support :slight_smile:

beside that , there is a special HiveOS image for vega , use it and dont upgrade until they release a better image



I’am using the Vega image … But never update is the wrong way … Till 0.6-19 everything is ok … But with 0.6-20 and now 0.6-21 the 3 vega56 are not running when the overclocking setting are not default … after reboot.
After downgrade to 0.6-19 all is ok …


I use that for Beam. So I get low hashrate.


And this Vega64 & Vega56 with Vega64 Bios