Xfx rx 5600xt recognized as rx 5700


I got a problem with my rx 5600xt cards, they are recognized as rx 5700, and the memory is not recognized either. Sometimes, with a systm reboot, the card can be correctly dectected. Have tried hiveos-0.6-205-beta@210715.img but not working either. Any advice is appreciated, thank you.

You can try to replace the connection bridge of each graphics card with a new one, and the graphics card needs to be added after the test runs valid one by one.

Hello Proxwl, thank you.
I’m putting the graphic cards directly on motherboard, not connection bridge. I try to add card one by one, unfortunately, it makes no difference.

Because this situation is the same as last time, and then I changed the graphics card connector. This may also be a driver problem. There is also a possibility of the motherboard. I’m sorry I didn’t help you.

Thank you anyway.

Hey man, did you got this sorted out? There’s no info on this on google, I’m having the same problem.

Nope. I’m thinking this could be hardware issues, but no clue yet.