XFX Rx 570 8Gb Invalid shares and OC Settings

I have tried many OC settings for my 2 XFX Rx 570 8gb cards, but they are instable, the hashes are bouncing and I get invalid shares too sometimes. Can please somebody help me figure out a good OC setting, because it is really frustrating that I can’t get it right. Also I have an ASRock Rx 580 8Gb card which has bad OC settings too. Can somebody help configure these?

Hey there! I have the same issue with 2 XFX Rx 570 8gb cards. If you know something, please tell me, i’ll do the same.

I have these settings at the moment, this is stable, but 120W is too much, I am trying to lover it.

Nice, I will try these out too. I have Micron memories on my RX 570 cards, I wonder if your settings are good for the Micron, because you have Samsung memory.

Same cards, same memory, I tried your settings i was able to get to 30MH, closest was 29MH and I had to up the mem to 2200

I have the same card as you how ever i am only getting 26.95MH. what are you using for a miner? do you have any special parameters, or bios?

podras pasar la bios mod de las asrock y la xfx porfavor

Hola, te puedo pasar Bios Mod si tenes el modelo exacto, o te puedo explicar como vos prefieras. Si queres mas info o si necesitas configurar bien tu Rig mandame mail a sihcrog@gmail.com


Hey there I have the same issue with one XFX RX 570 8GB card, I modded the bios and give me 24.59 mhs but when I tried to oc gets unstable, I just bought It last week I belive that the bios was not the original, has the SK Hynix H5GQ8H24MJR · 113-57085SHB2-W90

i have the same issue, i have an asus rx 570 8gb samsung memory and i did the one click timing patch BIOS MOD with polariseditor, and now with this OC settings i can’t get more than 27.4Mhs without it getting unstable, this are my stock and mod BIOS, and my actual OC setting, if someone can help me to improve my hashrate and/or low my power consume i will appreciate.
PD: even thougth it says vdd 850, when you check with the amd-info command it shows 950mV


Can you expand the XFX 570 settings and share please

remove the DPM state and put oc :

core clock 1150
VDD 850
Memory clock 2100
amdmemtweak --REF 20
Aggressive undervolding ON


thank you!! finally a stable configuration!!

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You can improbe the vega card alsom find better OC settings

I try hahaha, of all the ones I tried it was the most stable, but it’s ok, before it was 42mhs

56 can do over 50 mh/s very stably, but it’s much better to run them on ERGO at 180+ mh/s - much more profit.

bro help me. i have asus rx 570 8gb. tell me.you moded bios and give settings bro

bro what is vdd and vddci ? where i find?

VDD is gpu core voltage, VDDCI is memory controller voltage.

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I am currently doing 32.22 with the polaris bios editor Ubermix 3.2 for Samsung.
1168 core clock
860 core voltage ( VDD)
800 memory controller voltage (VDDCI)
2100 Memory clock
amdmemtweak --Ref 35
Aggressive undervolting on