XFX Rx 570 8Gb Invalid shares and OC Settings

can you help me? it has many invalids and the hash is no more than 21 mhs.
I’m using phoenixminer.

bro give moded bios ubermix 3.2 pls

raise the core voltage to 875 and check if it still gets invalids. if it does , maybe memory is high and test with 2070.


this is a link to my bios.
Its for
Radeon RX 570 8192 MB · ASRock
Samsung K4G80325FB 113-TIC34821-001


as you can see it does 32.22 and it gets 104wats because this one is power hungry beast.
bad silicon lottery.

was missing do BIOS mode. I did and I left this OC, that’s what has been stable so far. If you have any tips. I used polaris one click.

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1150 core clock
860 or 875 core voltage
2100 2150 mem clock

I will test, because the OC that is currently, is turning off with time. Need to leave tweak on? if yes, do I leave amdmemtweak --REF 30 ?

Leave ref rate yes

hi bro, would you pass me your bios mod of the rx 570 hynix?

Hello could you help me? I did bios mod but it still stays in 24 mh I can’t take it to more

Uze core clock 1150, core voltage 850 or 860.

Memory controller voltage 800. Memory clock 2100 2150 or 2200.
Amdmemtweak - - Ref 30

Remove the dpm state.

usei polaris 1.7.5, one click 3.1

I suggest uber mix 3.2 not 3.1

o meu esta dando dead e teamredminer reboot, assim que liga

Uploading: Screenshot_8.jpg…
I did everything but it remains the same until I lower the mh
I leave you my original bios in case you notice something or if you want to do the bios mod yourself …

the link is locked it needs me to request an access.

Thank you very much for wanting to help, I already solved the problem
It was to restart the miner after doing this, it throws me about 29.99 mhs, I do not know if that is good or it could be increased more

For now those parameters are going well for me, I don’t know whether to keep trying or not …

arrrr desisto de usar a minha rx570. Não da HASH, só fica em 0 Mh/s ou N/A

you can do a little more but it will increase watts and temp. you can try again with 1150 core clock and 850 core voltage. set also the memory controller voltage to 800 and mem clock to 2100.

Hola, les paso lo que me ha resultado. Les paso dos print de pantallas. Uno con la configuración y otro con cuanto me da de hashrate

Espero les sirva