Xfx rx 580 8gb bios problem

hello, i have 6 x xfx rx580 black edition 8gb, they have dual bios switch ,i have flashed bios in hiveos on 1 GPU , and from then hiveos vont start with this bios, when i switch on second bios or remove this card everything is ok.
And now my question is, can i flash OEM bios back somehow in hive os?
Maybe to run miner on second bios and then switch to first bios and flash,its that possible to do so? I have saved Oem bios.
If anybody can help me…

Could work. These guys managed but in windows using atiflash. I’ve never switched bios while the system is running but according to the link it should be possible. http://1stminingrig.com/how-to-fix-re-flash-bios-of-bricked-gpu-on-rx-470-480-series/