XMR-Stak configuration update guide from v2.4 to v2.5



Hey !

I have a big problem with the new algo cryptonightv8… My miner only says “AMD Invalid result GPU ID X”

I tried all miner forks (no fork, indeed-miners and fireice-uk) but I get the same result !
I tried a lot of configurations with someone but impossible to get a good result.
With an other Monero miner (teamredminer), that works perfectly well ! But it is not a miner of Hive and I can’t manage it by Web.

What is the problem with xmr-stak ?

Thanks for your help.

My config :

Motherboard : Z170-A ASUSTeK
CPU : 4 × Intel® Pentium® CPU G4560 @ 3.50GHz
GPUs : 2x RX580 Sapphire Nitro+ 4GB
1x RX570 XFX 4GB
1x RX560 Sapphire Pulse 4 GB


check your config, your miner work, looks like overclock so much


I tried without overclock and all default config.


show your config and your setup


My 4 GPU :

My miner config :

As i said, i tried several configurations but even by default I get the error.

Currently, I am mining Monero with teamredminer and there is no problem :

My current OC profile for teamredminer :

I run the last HiveOS version 0.5-82



wrong parametr. setup “currency”: “cryptonight_v8”. all param see in the first messedge on this topic


Thanks for your answers :smiley:
But what probability for my problem resolution happens the same day when teamredminer is added to Hive ? :open_mouth:

Edit :

That does not work even with param “currency”=“cryptonight_v8”

But no problem, after the 0-6 update, i have a large choice of XMR miners.


are you seriously? “currency”=“cryptonight_v8” … OMG
copy and past!!! “currency”: “cryptonight_v8”


Please dude … it was not on purpose to write “=”. I did not check what I wrote in my post.
You really think my miner would work if I had made this mistake ?
So please, don’t reply this kind of post … And calm down !


how to configure and miner to use for mining B2N?


Бился бился так и не смог запустить Cryptonight Red монета mox, хотел в качестве тренировки к 9 марта для монеро попробовать. Но как выяснилось mox выгодная. В конфе пишу
“currency”: “mox”, потом открываю логи майнера, там каких только не предлагается алгоритмов но ни mox ни Cryptonight Red нет. Манеры пробовал XMR-Stak и SRBMiner последний по логам пытается сделать авто-конфигурацию и ставит v8, пул начинает сыпать режектами.