XMR-STAK error



my hiveos says xmr-stak exited,waiting to cooldown a bit

file is empty or too short - config.txt

has anyone has same problem as me?

im on 0.5-79

anyone can help?


hi guys

this is my current config.txt can anyone send me the full currect setting for xmr stak


Put coin or algorithm into section config.txt

for Monero for example

"currency": "monero",


once i change the config.txt this pops up


Can you post your configuration?

Why are you changing config.txt? Miner should be config via Webgui.


hi i got the rig working fine now but sometime the gpu will just go offline i got a error txt can you help me out thx


And that is not clear? You have problems (too much overclock, bad riser, etc.) with the GPU having a PCI bus address 12:00 (you can found whicj one on overview tab)


hi i changed riser on that gpu and no overclock but this still happended after rig is running for couple hours

do you have any idea would there be a fault in this gpu??