XMR-Stak For Mining Haven (XHV) Hardfork V3


  "name": "wallet_name",
  "email": "your_email",
  "props": {
    "dwal": "Your_wallet_haven",
    "xmr-stak": {
      "cpu": "\"cpu_threads_conf\" :
      "url": "haven.miningpool.id:5555",
      "pass": "rig1",
      "template": "Your_Wallet_Haven.50000",
      "user_config": "\"currency\":\"haven\""

AMD or Nvidia config override you can make it self.
because diffrent GPU diffrent config.

Your HiveOS minimal Version : 0.5-58 with update XMR-Stak fireice-uk 2.4.5

What is json?
Can we make our own with a text file?
Would thst make setting up wallets easier?

That will not help retards like myself. Anyone have a howto on this?