Xmrig 1gb pages

How do I enable 1 gb pages For randomx Monero in xmrig? the command line option does nothing, and if I edit the configuration file, it gets overwritten.

Additional configuration options are added through Flight Sheet. You don’t edit config file on the miners since it gets overwritten every time miner restarts.

I tried the option through the flight sheet. I know the option was correct, since I got it from the documentation for xmrig on github. It did not work, it just gets ignored.


So you’ll need add to extra config this line:

"randomx": { "1gb-pages": true }

YES! That worked. Thanks!!


I’ve been trying to do this but I get a validation error so I can’t save the config - does anyone else have this issue?
Screenshot 2021-11-05 at 10.16.57

It’s web interface issue after recent UI updates. I forwarded bug to devs.

Any update on this? It is still broken.

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Hi. What about this issue? When will they fix it. Thanks.

I’m getting this error as well.