Z87-PRO motherboard booting straight to BIOS


Does anyone know if this board is compatible with HiveOS? It keeps booting to BIOS.
Cpu is a I5-4570S
GPU is a gigabyte 3070

Here is what I tried so far:
Flashed a brand new HiveOS on SSD
Enabling/disabling CSM support
Different SATA cables.

Thank you so much in advance!

17 days and counting since the upgrade, or it would have been months:
Image 11-29-21 at 5.25 PM

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Thanks for the reply ! I finally got it to boot in HiveOS but now it doesnt recognize the onboard ethernet. Are you using wifi ?

Nvidia or amd gpus ? Thanks again !

On board ethernet.
Currently that rig is (6) AMD 6800’s, on risers, dual ATX power supplies.

If you are trying to get it configured, set it up with (1) GPU fully, then reboot with your target group of cards. Plan for trouble over (4) GPUs due to PCI mapping issues.

I disabled everything(and I mean everything) except USB, LAN, and ironically the iGPU(silly because I have not had a monitor on this one since summer?).

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Thank you so much for your help!

I got it working with 6 RTX 3070 and so far so good.

Disabling literally everything did the trick.

Awesome news! Congrats!