Zotac 3090 my $2,000 3080 :(

Got a Zotac 3090 off their site a few weeks ago. It is running at 99MH consistently. Constantly thermal throttles. My MSI 3080 is getting 98MH and cost 1/2 the price. :frowning:

When it starts it will do 118MH but with in a minute it kicks the power down to 270w and runs around 98-104MH. Sucks.

If anyone has ideas let me know. I’m thinking of just selling it, trying to get two 3080 or three 3070s.

3090 has 12gb on the backplate make sure there are thermal pads and if you can add active cooling.
Problem solved.
Also undervolt

Took the backplate off. There was an entire row of memory with no pads for some reason. The other rows had it on both sides. I just repadded everything (2mm). So far running at full power for about 20 min @ 2100 memory. I’m getting 119.0mh consistently. I’ll keep playing with it, but so far seems solid. No more thermal throttling. CPU temp is 62. It what throttling before at 54 (cause the memory was overheating).

Thanks for the suggestion. Still a pig on power, but ETH @ $2K, I’m ok with that. :slight_smile: