Zotac GTX 1660 TI AMP overclock HiveOS

Could someone provide me with a correct overclock so I can improve the performance of Zotac 1660 TI AMP Micron on HiveOS?

Core at 900 and mem at 2000… for me very stable at 31.03 mh/s with temp at 54 c…

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Thanks for the info. I just tested it on a plate and the result was positive. Which Mining Pool do you recommend to me? I currently use the t-rex. Can I get a better result with NBminer?

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Hive os pool… very steady for me… Trex miner is better then others for nvidia…

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Only two cards accepted the overclocking recommended by you, when I apply to other GPUs the rig locks and all worker information disappears. Is there anything related to BIOS? Could you provide me with any more information? Thank you very much in advance!

What motherboard u use?
What PSU?
What Version of hive os?

Asus TUG Gaming z490-plus
XPG Pylon 750W
OS VERSION: 0.6-210@210913

Make some change in motherboard bios…
disable VT-d etc.
Csm disable
4G encoding is enabled
disabled unused devices like HD audio
Put Pcie at Gen 1 and check then at Gen 2 ,not auto…
Make bios update to latest version…
I think the problem is to the lines of motherboard…
Make the changes one by one until you find the problem!!!

Thanks again. I will follow with these procedures.

@renatoasx Some updates?

I will perform the procedures mentioned by our nanial colleague today.

Sir do add one more PSU. You just have 750w. Add one more 550w or 650w. Run only 4-5 cards on this Card. I would suggest to run 4 cards on this and rest cards on other PSU