1060 6GB Hashrates

Hey guys, looking to buy some used 1060 cards - what hashrates and settings are yall seeing?

I am googling and seeing from 20-25 MH/s.

Anyone have HiveOS example they can screenshot?

Thanks for support

A lot of info here, hashing rate depends on memory manufacturer.

Hey, @jon-dillinger

what miner are you using?
i am running 2 1060s with OC like yours and only getting 22-23 MH/s.

im using nbminer and ethermine pool

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Sharing my hashrates

This is my setup on NBminer with memory tweak 6

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Hi everyone. Can you help me? I did every config post here. My GPU stay between 13-18Mh/s don’t matter what overclock I made. I bought one RTX 3060 today and happens the same: lower hash rate doesn’t matter what OC I made