1080Ti slower on ETH when overclocked

Hello, does someone have experience with the 1080Ti?

When I enable the ETHancementPill I only get about 38MH/s.

If I enable overclock of any kind for the GPU in addition to the pill it gets reduced to ~30MH/s and the power consumption goes down as well.

Any hints or tips how to get OC that actually does something on this GPU? My 1080 non-ti under Windows with OC and pill easily manages 37MH/s, so I am quite disappointed by the 1080 Ti performance in HiveOS.

Edit: I looked somewhat closer and when running stock with ETH pill and OC the clocks are at about 1600 Core / 5000 Memory, once I apply like +1000 Memory the Core drops to 1350!

What brand do you have ? For some reason, one of my 1080 Ti will only perform better if I lower the memory clock. And the MSI will perform worse no matter how much I overclock or downclock it.

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It’s an ASUS card. I will try lowering the clock.

Curious, lowering the memory clock upped the core clock and it appears like it’s going somewhat faster, I’m going to try out various combinations. Thank you very much for the idea!

Hi! If its “reference” TURBO card, there is something wrong exactly with this model.

Try this settings:

CORE +150
MEM -200
PL 190-195
this will give 42-43 mh/s

Yes I have set and been running for a while:

Core +200
Mem -800
PL 220

Gives me 42MH, which is not excellent, but fine.

This happens specifically with these turbo asus. No one knows what’s wrong with them)

can u help me? i have a 1080ti asus rog strix… but dont understand who activated the pill

Ah! I’m glad i found this thread, i have the same ASUS 1080ti turbo and have been going crazy trying to OC it with Pill. I bought the card because of pill and have been very disappointed with the rate and high power consumption. Is it only hiveos that has issues with this card, is it same on windows i mean? I can get only 43mhs out of it.

I was going to open a new discussion then I found this one. I have two Asus cards a Strix and a Turbo, both of them cannot go over 36/37MH … unbelievable!!! What are your settings guys on those?

yes, we are talking about Asus, not about evga. I have also a few evga and that is the correct hashrate

Go -510 on the memory and voila!

99.99% getting 45.44 MH/s with an EVGA 1080Ti FE using these settings- see pics.

Good Luck!

could you please share the screenshot of the overclocking tab of your Asus 1080ti? Cause for me the only way to get as much as possible out of the Strix is (I’m using the pills via miner):


Hi. Both have pill activated.
First screenshot is Asus 1080ti turbo. Is mem set to 0, hashrate drops to 32ish.

second is 1080ti strix in next post