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I’m on Instagram as @cryptonite_miner. I have a solution


No, you haven`t … with 47MH

No problem😊 my 6700 is consumping 111w …happy mining

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Hey all, I made a topic on issues with HiveOS and core voltage of RX 6000 series. There is a bug in HiveOS which causes the RX 6800 to draw about 30 watts more than neccessary in HiveOS. This is very likely the case for the RX 6700 XT too and you can check it out easily by comparing VDD settings to the milivolts shown by TeamRedMiner. Check out this topic and ask HiveOS support to solve this if the problem exists on your righ too!


No changes :frowning:

What miner you using?

If you have what to say, say here…

phoenixminer 5.5c works without any problems on newer 5.6 … I don’t want to start my 6700

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I have powercolor fighter 6700, using hiveos and phoenixminer, amd driver version 20.40. After latest update to 0.6-203@210512, it stopped working, power usage just 11w and whole rig become unstable. Removing them, system back, installing them, unstable. No matter what i tried, couldnt fix it. Anyone here has similar problem or be able to help would be great.

please some help for not mining?
I downloaded BETA hive and upgrade. First my GPU callo UNKNOWN and after upgrade is name ok, but not working… THANKS

yes please hiveos support fix this :smiley:

enter miners tuning and change phoenixminer to 5.5c helped me

What miner are you using my friend?

Pool Hiveon
Miner phoenixminer 5.5c

That looks great for 6700xt. Can you picture overclock settings?

Phoenixminer 5.5c Ok. 5.6 not working

it worked, thanks a lot bro

Here’s what fixed it for me, I went on Hive Shell and typed “hive-replace -y --stable” make sure it fully installs and reboots, then after use PheonixMiner 5.4c! This fixed it for me

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