"Autofan: GPU driver error, rebooting" message




One of my rigs began producing an “Autofan: GPU driver error, rebooting” message yesterday. What could be the cause? I upgraded to version 5.63 yesterday. Could it be an issue with that version?

GPUs are MSI GeForce GTX 1060 and 1070 Gaming X.

Please advise. Thank you.

Update: Same message now appearing on another rig.



On the first rig, the issue seems to have been related to a defective riser card or GPU. I disconnect both and the system has been mining without issue for 16 hours now.

On the second rig, I upgraded it to 5.64, and the rig produced a new error message of “Autofan: GPU driver error, no temps.”

Identical and similar messages on two different rigs with different brand and model GPUs… root problem seems to be with HiveOS. Disappointing I haven’t any gotten replies, especially from the HiveOS team.


I have the same problem, used to not have this error before the .63 update.
Hope the devs can help us


Same here, error started at 05-63 update and thought 05-64 will fix it. Pls, rig turns off after 3 reboots. Thanks.


I have the same issue. Started a couple of updates back. Nvidia cards. Sometimes its just my 980 that stops. Manual restart fixes


тоже самое