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I wanted to run teamredminer cn8 and it wouldn’t start I thought its because the recommended drivers are 18.3 am I wrong


bullshit … Teamredminer run pretty nice with 18.10 and RX4xx/RX5xx series
If you have RX 4xx / 5xx and not RX590 in most cases best option is 17.50/18.10.
It’s true for VEGA’s - you need 18.30 drivers but for VEGA’s Hive has standalone image and mixing RX 4xx / 5xx and VEGA’s highly not recommended.

Also some miners (for example xmr-stak, xmrig) don’t works with drivers higher then 18.20


i did the same thing as you and i get the same problem, anyone?


This never works for me, I wish it were as simple as “nvidia-driver-update” but it always throws up some random error.

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:ru: Инструкция по обновлению драйверов NVidia совместимых с CUDA 10


I can not update, when the process finishes, I look at the version and follow the old one.


@HaloGenius Привет, bminer 15.1 добавил тестовую поддержку GRIN 29 красных на ROCm драйверах. Есть безопасный способ перехода с AMDpro на ROCm, без потери работоспособности ферм, функционала разгона и обдува?


поддерживаю вопрос перехода на ROCm


same problem here… have you been able to fix it?


ROCm 2.1 не ставятся на hive os, ошибки во время сборки ядра появляются, скорее всего нужна будет отдельная сборка, как версия 0.5-45. Только там, как я понял, была установка amdgpu pro с ключом --opencl=rocm, а сейчас, чтобы работали lolminer 7.1 и Bminer Grin 29 на красных, нужно заменить amdgpu на ROCm. Разработчики, пожалуйста, дайте комментарии, ждать не ждать?

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Никак не апдейтся дрова, сейчас N 410.78
Teleconsole: Joining session…
root@hivexxx:~# nvidia-driver-update

Getting the latest version
The latest stable Nvidia driver version:
Driver is already downloaded

Stoping services
Unload modules successfull

Verifying archive integrity… OK
Uncompressing NVIDIA Accelerated Graphics Driver for Linux-x86_64 418.43…

…Extraction failed.

Signal caught, cleaning up
Autofan screen started
Error installing driver


Script for the easy installation of AMD Drivers on HiveOS/Ubuntu based OS

Automatic installation of AMD Drivers on HiveOS/Ubuntu [BETA]

I hope this helps the AMD users out there :grinning:



I have you about the following problem that happened after updating the amd drivers following this video amd drivers update

hiveos is showing me the following message

no amd gpus found as /sys/class/drm/card /device/pp_table *

I checked system and the file/directory pp-table does not exist? Do you know how to get this table made and put into sys so cards will be recognized for HIVEOS to start hashing? It does say:

01:00.0 Radeon RX470 (, xxx-xxx-xxxx, Unknown Memory 0-0)
03:00.0 Radeon RX580 (, xxx-xxx-xxxx, Unknown Memory 0-0)
04:00.0 Radeon RX580 (, xxx-xxx-xxxx, Unknown Memory 0-0)
05:00.0 Radeon RX470 (, xxx-xxx-xxxx, Unknown Memory 0-0)
06:00.0 Radeon RX580 (, xxx-xxx-xxxx, Unknown Memory 0-0)

I do not know how to fix these thing!

no amd gpus found as /sys/class/drm/card*/device/pp_table :fearful:



I would try reflashing HiveOS on the boot media.
On the fresh install if you still see unknown memory for all cards.
Then put the original BIOS back on. This can be caused by a BIOS mod.
Also can you provide more details about the system so we can provide better help

I updated the script to provide more update options so that might fix your issue

@bartrix If you need support with the script post here and check here for updates:

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Greetings friend

grateful for your response, in effect I had to reflash the usb media and everything back to normal.

I will shortly try to update the drivers again

Thanks again for your contribution :v::v:

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