GPU working and mining on rig, yet dashboard shows intergrated only?

Hello, I just built my first mining rig so I am a bit of a rookie, bear with me here.

I managed to connect a 2060 Super and a 3080. On the system OS itself, both cards are detected. I have set the BIOS to gen2 and all other settings recommended. I created a flight sheet for ETH on HiveOn using phoenix miner.

When I load into my website dashboard, it shows correctly I have 1 rig with 2 GPU. However under overview, I only see this:


UHD Graphics 630 (Desktop 9 Series) · Gigabyte

The GPUs are not listed under overview. I had specific on the BIOS to disable integrated graphics but yet this shows up. Also, up at the very top on my flight sheet, I see the GPU’s temp, hash rate, etc and it is currently churning out about 125 mh. I have checked Hiveon Pool in my wallet address and indeed I am getting about 115 mh.

Items under stats like Temp/Fan/Power are not loading, while ETHash and Total Power I have data for.

I also cannot seem to remotely fire the shell from the web dashboard.

I am suspecting if this is a networking issue? I have tried net-test and the API for helsinki:8000 and also api for https:api2msk are failing. The rest seems fine. I have switched to the server as that seems to be running fine.

Any pointers would be great. Thanks!