I'm willing to help you unlock your 3060 full hashrate!

Hey everyone,

Every 3060 GPU is slightly different, that even goes for identical brands. After successfully getting stable ~100 Mh/s from several two cards rig (four different brands), I have the confidence to declare: Anyone failing to get full hashrate from their 3060, could contact me. I’ll help you figure out the right parameters and necessary steps based on the specific characteristics of your cards. Nothing complicated, just somewhat delicate and time-consuming (for the first run). I can do a few in my free times. Here is my email: hr.bidar@gmail.com

In order for me to help you, I’ll need you to grant me a temporary tech access* to your farm from access tab. I’ll do this for free. Of course in case you’re satisfied with the results, donations in LTC would be appreciated. The process would be basically what I described here: 3060 - Full mining speed - 50mh Unlock (Repeatable) - #10 by hrbidar

Learn about tech access: https://hiveos.farm/getting_started-start_dashboard_setup/


(The Gigabyte with better results is Gaming OC, while Aurous is not performing that good.)

Tx for your offer. Do you know if it is working with 3060 v2 ?

I personally don’t have experience with that, but they say it’s doable, so I guess the process shouldn’t be much different.

It is highly recommend to have a fresh install of this version of hiveos, and never upgrade it unless you have to: https://download.hiveos.farm/history/hiveos-0.6-203-stable@210403.img.xz

:ox: :poop: :man_facepalming:

Thx for introducing yourself to the community, nice to meet you.

:joy: Sorry, but that’s bullshit - nothing more! There is absolut no reason to stay at the old kernel!
Especially since your “tip” for V2 cards does not apply. These do not even run with the old drivers. Incidentally, you cannot make your statements in such a general way: whether OC works or not depends on many other factors (apart from the software!) For example whether Hynix or Samsung RAM is installed etc.pp
If you want to be such an expert, let others help you instead of offering your valuable help here!
Nice to meet you… you “Expert” :joy: :rofl:

Edit: Just seen: you tell others to glow their cards up to 80°C ?! Man, you are really an expert! :man_facepalming:

You can’t help others by stickering yourself. Many people are having issues with getting stable results, and I have experimentally found a procces that has been working for five different brands (PNY just recently). Yes as I said, I didn’t have experience with V2 cards, and I learned it from a nice guy last night who had contacted me.

This work is experimental boy, it’s far better than holding the fans, and anybody claiming there is a detailed theoretical framework behind such a glitch… I’ll show you to them.

(I’ve seen some cards freezing on versions other than that. Sorry mate, but there is no help for you here, and I didn’t say I’m expert in anything.)

As I said, it’s better than holding fans, go troll the youtubers. I’m not continuing this conversation.

Thank you very much, but I don’t need any help from you, boy. You certainly wouldn’t get access to my rigs! However, your posts are quite amusing :slight_smile: And also the fact that you think I am trolling here. In over 25 years of IT, I’ve rarely read such nonsense as your weird glitch and so on. I strongly advise against anyone who would like to use their hardware a little longer! Also your strange recommendations … :man_facepalming: if you approach the settings of other users with so much half-knowledge - oh god :laughing:

GPU OC settings is subject to IT → troll
You’re such a disappointment for IT industry.