Intel e1000e MB integrated NIC

Has anyone been able to correctly fix these integrated nics hanging the network?

There are several posts about it but none seems to present a clear solution.

I have a 10 rig mining network with the 5x Asrock H110 PRO BTC+ and 5x Asus Prime Z270-A, which I recently migrated from windows to hiveOS, all with the latest HiveOS build and have also manually updated the nic’s drivers from the /hive/opt/e1000e directory.

But so far nothing has fixed it. Everyday is a lotery of which rig will crash the switch which is a D-Link DES-1016D 10/100. And unfortunately it mostly crashes during the night or when I’m away from home.

As such, I’m reaching out to see if there is a clear and work solution / fix to this problem or if it’s just better to go back to windows?

Thanks in advance.

I have the same problem. I have 9 rigs all with Asrock H110 and e1000e. All are upgraded to latest NIC driver. Problem still happens randomly…

I have set a static IP for all rigs, turned on DOH crypt and it still happens…

Anyone have a solution to this?

See my solution in this post