Rigs are shown offline and online?

I have 5 different location different internet connection.
All of them are shown online but one or two of them shown offline.
The offline rigs are shown online after a few minutes.
I double checked of them, there is no internet connection problem.
The rigs are mining but i see them as offline in hiveos.
This problem happened a few weeks ago. then you fixed it.
But it has started today. Please find a solution. It is really annoying.
I want to know if there is a problem on my rigs.

AGAIN: There is no internet connection problem. The rigs is mining at the pool although hiveos shows them as offline. And hiveos shows them online again. I conenct monitor to the rigs and confirm they are mining at the pool.


Looks to be an api issue with hiveos. I’m showing huge latency, drops and timeouts. All four of my rigs drop randomly (they show offline in pairs, the same two take turns with the other two oddly enough). When I check the pool website, all rigs are still mining and have active hashrates. I’d wait it out. Hopefully there will be an update addressing hiveos’s api issue.

My rigs are doing the same thing, i get a notification through telegram saying my rigs are down, i log in with the app they all show offline but they are not, my hash rate is the same.

Mine is also suddenly showing intermittently offline to hive-os API, as of yesterday. Nanopool is not showing any connectivity gaps so I believe this is a hive-os service issue

It’s happening to ours as well.