RX 6800 fails to mine on hiveos


It seems to work in windows but on hiveos I got this error:
Failed to list OpenCL devices for platform 0

Miner: Team Red Miner 0.8.1

Does anyone know when this card will be supported on Hiveos?


I have this same problem, Have you got a resolve ?


When will this card be supported?


please support!!! for the 6800 and 6900


exactly, needed rx 6900 xt asrock support too

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So far I have started mining on PhoenixMiner software, the maximum level of mining is 66 MH / s at 200W. At startup settings of 62 MH / s. This solution was used as a temporary solution, we are waiting for HiveOS support from the RX6900XT Asrock card #6900XT #ASROCK #BIOS #supportHiveOS

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Keen for this too. Appears RX6xxxx support appears in driver 20.45, which only supports Ubuntu 20.04 and above. Seems HiveOS runs on 18.04… maybe why we dont have support yet?


you’re right. I installed the drivers in HiveOS from the Asrock site for Ubuntu 20, the installation was successful. Unfortunately the main Hive OS portal still has no communication with the tabs and the mining does not start. weak 66MH / s, tests showed 90mh / s. no support for 6XXX .

Take a look at this topic on the RX6800

[Update RX6800 February / 2021](Take a look at this topic on the RX6800 Update RX6800 February / 2021)

Hello, I have a Rig with:

1x 3060TI
1x RX580
2x 3070

I try to add a 6800 but my RIG doesn’t read any drive from 6800.

I use Hiveos (Phoenixminer) and Linux.

Anyone can help?