Help with and saving Amdmemorytweak strap


I have a good strap for my Vega 64 that is working however every time I reboot I have to reapply it.

How can I save it is automatically loaded on reboot?

It has been mentioned to store it in . Can someone please point me to walkthrough on how to do this correctly in Hiveos? I am a bit of a Linux noob as well.


You need to login to your hive using Shell In A Box (at the top, under remote access).
Login will likely be User: user , Pass: 1

Once you login you will be at a prompt. FIRST, change your remote login password:
hive-passwd PASSWORD

Next, lets edit those tables:

install nano for editing:
sudo apt install nano


This will open a new window basically showing the contents of the file. Using your keyboard arrows go to the bottom and type your straps. You can copy and paste, but you have to right click and “paste from browser”

So it should look something like this:

Now save by hitting Ctrl + O (hold control, then hit the letter o)
type Y to overwrite the existing file

Now exit nano by hitting Ctrl + X

You are now back at the terminal. Set Hive so that it start the GUI on boot.
In the terminal type “sudo reboot” and the system will reboot.

I hope this helps!!!


Wow, thank you so much! This is super helpful and exactly what I needed. I couldn’t find this information anywhere in the forum and when I Googled around it wasn’t clear exactly what I needed to do.

Thanks again.